Great Benefits of Learning Tabla

Ten Great Benefits Of Learning Tabla

1. Playing Tabla can help students grow academically; it improves students' ability to concentrate and compliment their studies & physical fitness.
2. According to scientific research, playing music, and hence Tabla and playing percussion, increases the brain development in various regions , including the corpus callosum, motor and auditory cortexes.

3. Playing Tabla and rhythms can be an optimal experience and encourages participants of all ages to achieve flow.

4. Tabla is a healing art and therefore it can give participants of any age a better sense of well being.

5. Playing Tabla increases body awareness & kinesthetic development; it helps students develop graceful coordination and self-control.

6. Playing Tabla helps improve synchronism in Mind, Body & other senses

7. Playing rhythms improves listening skills and increases children and teens' ability to focus for extended periods of time.

8. In general, the increasing of rhythmic skills - and the learning of any musical instrument - increases students' confidence.

9. Playing rhythmic music helps students to take notice of the rhythms and beauty in nature and their surroundings.

10. If parents play or take interest in the musical and learning process of their children, then Tabla can be a means to forge meaningful bonds between parents and children.